High Tea @ The Rose Veranda, Shangri La Hotel

High tea with Crystal last saturday and our 2nd time dining at The Rose Veranda. The first time we had the elegant tradtional English high tea and this time we had the international high tea, with a good spread of food & desserts!

First start off with Sushi, sashimi & tuna

Complimentary mushroom soup served, very yummy!
20130713_153628 copy

Caesar salad, spicy chicken salad, cold prawns & smoked duck for appetiser. I also took the hot dishes- creamy salmon and Mediterranean seafood.
20130713_153842 copy

Next, is Laska! What I like about hotels’ laska is the quail egg as one of the ingredients!

Complimentary Strawberry Sorbet with jelly bits served🙂 Really like it so much and I wished to have another scoop.

Current month complimentary ice TWG Tea- Happy Birthday Tea with Raspberry
20130713_152009 copy

For sweet ending..our favorite of all! Both of us took all the 4 flavors of macaroons and took most of the cakes too!


Lunch @ Town Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel

On my birthday, I met Lady Gladas for buffet lunch at Fullerton Hotel, Town restaurant. It was a hazy day that I can’t even see the hotel building clearly and was coughing away. I drank 2 pots of TWG hot teas to make my throat better. I like the seafood spread, sashimi, octopus and of course the desserts & ice cream & sorbets spread. The staffs were very friendly and gave me a birthday cake. It was really enjoyable to spend my birthday there and I have purchased two teddies bears ( Ship Captain and Post Master)from the Fullerton Shop which $10 from the sale of each bear will be donated to the respective charity organisations.













High Tea @ Pan Pacific Orchard

Yesterday was an awesome saturday for a High Tea session with our SS Group- Sherlyn & Bernie. This was my first time to Pan Pacific Orchard and Tour Guide Bernie leaded the way. We were served with free flow of TWG teas from the menu that we managed to try a few teas; such as Fruity mountain, Love Me, Royal Orchid, etc…while Bernie was just royal to her English Breakfast Tea. The lobby lounge also served coffee, cappucino, latte as well.

Pretty flowers as garnishes on Lobster Salad and this is one of our favorite! It was really awesome lobster with fruits ( kiwi, dragonfruit, mango, rock melon).


1st Round,an item of each..finger sandwiches, danish, crossiant, XO sauce Tuna in purple cracker, etc..


Local Kuehs, Longan Cake ( very yummy & Bernie’s fav), Cheese Tart

Serving Local noodles- Fried Kway Teow, Assam Laska and Prawn Noodle Soup. These are Pan Pacific Signatures Local noodles that are also in Ala Carte menu at $15.


The high tea items were replenished with new items, such as the baked scallops! Yummy!


Enjoyable Saturday High Tea with my great companions for catch up~

Dinner @ Forlino

Last Saturday was a whole day feasting. After our dim sum lunch, we went to St Marc Cafe for caffeine reload and dinner in this posh fine dining italian restuarant at One Fullerton. Lady PX couldn’t make it for dinner, so it was B.I.G dinner.

Served with nice foccacia bread and breadsticks


Our Mains~
Lady Bren & Iris had the same pasta- 4 Cheese BonBons

My Frutti de mare, an Ocean catch with Soft shell crab, scallops, squid & fish.
I love frutti de mare pasta but not squid ink pasta… So this expensive pasta doesn’t really satisfy my palate.. I’m just good with pasta I had in Prego, Ma Maison and another good one is a causal cafe in Seoul..


Of course for me I’m here for a reason, dessert! I have ordered the signature caramel lava cake, Lady Bren had the chocolate molten lava cake with mint ice cream and Lady Iris had Matcha Tiramisu. We thought the Tiramisu was the usual espresso with mascarpone cheese, the menu did not indicate any description of Matcha with strawberries.It’s something new to try while for Lady Bren she would prefer the original Tiramisu.







B.I.G.X Dim Sum Lunch @ Lei Garden

Yesterday was BIGX monthly gathering for dim sum lunch at Chijmes, Lei Garden. Lei Garden is one of the atas chinese dim sum place with individual private rooms with 2 levels. Had an enjoyable lunch with nice ambience, dim sum & great companions!! Here’s the Dim Sum Showcase!








Having 2 servings of egg tarts🙂


Taro with chicken & mushroom



Lady PX has brought her Made with Love Swiss Roll for us!! Nice hearts design chocolate roll with mango cubes!


Buffet Lunch at Aquamarine

Today we had farewell treat at Aquamarine, Marina Mandarin. I just joined this awesome team for 3 months and was upset that our boss is leaving us.. I am thankful that he has been a great boss and constantly reviewing my work for improvements.

The Aquamarine was nicely setup with Marine theme,serving international buffet. I had the cold prawns which were very fresh, salad, hams, hot dishes, local food with live station for Mee Soto and lastly, saving my stomach space for desserts! There is tim sum items- Egg tart and durian spring roll, slices of cakes and chocolate mousse with the crispy chocolate pearls.


Fun Designing with photo application~

Great colleagues that made an enjoyable lunch today~

Desserts for the Discerning, 2am dessert bar

Yesterday was a great TGIF night with Lady Gladas at Holland Village! We explored the whole area and started planning- Dinner, Dessert & Chill out at Wala Wala Bar with beer and live band! Hope to have more coming up though I do felt tired after working.

Our desserts at 2am dessert bar, sat comfortably at the sofa seats which we could stretch our legs & enjoyed the artistic desserts.

DSC09786 copy

Lady Gladas’ Chicory Chocolate: Vanilla ice cream, milk jam & chcocolate crumble.

The vanilla ice cream has very rich natural vanilla taste and you can see lots of vanilla pods seeds.The chocolate crumble was sprinkled with black sesame, we supposed? Overall was a great dessert.

DSC09784 copy

My Purple: Purple potato puree, blackberry parflait, lavender marshmallows, fruits of the forest sorbet.

I felt that it was a hearty dessert with purple potato and berries sorbet. Though the portion was small but it was enjoyable for a quality ” state of the art” dessert.

DSC09782 copy

DSC09788 copy

Reading the reviews & blogs online, most people commented that the desserts are relatively pricy which I agree too. However, I don’t mind trying and for a once in a blue moon dessert indulgence.

Besides 2am dessert bar, personally I think Waterfall Cafe & Max Brenner served great desserts too!
And for value for money with great waffles & ice cream will be Creamier!

Pooh & Friends Aglio Olio

Sunday Special Menu: Winnie the Pooh & Friends Aglio Olio with Pan-Seared Scallops.
Where to find this pasta? It’s no other than Gilko’s Cafe!

Aglio Olio is very easy to prepare. Moving forth, I will practice a few more times to improve it.First of all, with the olive oil, fried the sliced garlic till fragant. Followed by chopped chilli padi and the pasta. Next, on another frying pan, I sauteed the scallops ( added black pepper and dried herbs) with sizzling butter.



A cute lovely pasta with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Roo & Honey Pots shapes that can’t be found in restaurants & cafes!

Late Lunch @ Wild Honey

Today catch up with Crystal and we had late lunch at Wild Honey, Scotts Square.

We ordered European, Caribbean and the strawberry tea bread that I like for sharing. Initially I have ordered Wild iced tea (something refreshing) for both of us, but I decided to give a try on the Wild Mocha Dolce which is rich in espresso, chocolate and honey that the service staff recommended. The service staff was confident to recommend which I think he is good in his food knowledge, so I agreed to his recommendation.

As I posted the photo collage on my facebook, I received comments asking if I think the food is nice and feedbacks that it’s rather costly. Well.. the menu price looks decent; thus without realizing that we added on additional of a tea bread and beverages, with service charge and GST tax, it becomes costly. Unlike in Korea, the menu price has already includes the taxes and service charge. Maybe dining in Paris Baguette, Wisma will be a good choice as there is no additional charges on service charge and GST.

For the food, I think Caribbean’s waffle was a little disappointing as the texture was not that crispy to my expectation. However, the passionfruit sauce was nice and if you want to try something different than the usual maple syrup or honey. As for European, the prosciutto was a little salty.

Strawberry Tea bread- Still as good as before


Caribbean: Coconut waffles bound with fresh passionfruit crème patisserie, fresh baby bananas and slices of mango, topped with toasted coconut flakes & passionfruit syrup served.


European: Eggs Benedict with sautéed mushrooms, Italian prosciutto and Hollandaise sauce on brioche


My Mocha Dolce, a mixture of rich chocolatey and espresso which kept me awake in the night.